Featured June 14 - June 28, 2017

Yining Shi


Click sketch area first, then press "S". Press "A/D" for Left/Right.


Yining Shi!

A computational artist, and a researcher at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, who loves to make interactive tools to craft better learning and entertainment experiences for people. Also, an electrical engineer who loves to use design and artistic expression as a means to make projects engaging and creative.

P5.playground demo video:

Friendship.am Data Visualization Project Images

During the interview, I followed up with a question that didn't make it to the interview video but I felt had a really interesting answer. I asked Yining about her involvement with so many mediums and platforms: web development, data viz, creative drawing, computing, fabrication?

Yining Shi: I think the answer is curiosity. I’m always curious about new technologies and new experiences. When I see them, I want to try them out, make something with them, and get to know them.

For example, there is a new web framework that is released almost everyday these days. And so when frameworks like React, Angular in the web development world were popularized, I tried them out. I made the ITP Thesis Archive website using React.

More recently, there is a new Arduino board, called Arduino 101, that was released. It has new features like Bluetooth Low Energy and 6 axis motion sensor on it, so I used Arduino 101 to make two projects that can talk to my browser by using the new Web Bluetooth API.

And then in terms of digital fabrication, I had never tried wood lathe before, so I took a class called subtraction at ITP, and I made wooden apple, wooden foosball player out of it. ITP opened up a new world to me, and provided me so many tools that I could experiment with.